Nov 01

10 Questions with Myspace Owners…

Forbes publishes Ten Questions with Myspace Owners and why Thursday is the site’s biggest day.  The owners Chris and Tim Vanderhook discussed the social network.  People are using mobile more and more on Thursday.  Good legacy to now information, Petabytes of Data!



Oct 25

Myspace Launches ‘Portfolio’ Artist Feature

Myspace has its first major product update for artists and creators, since its official relaunch this June.

Called Portfolio, the new feature will allow users to promote 10 to 31 items of their original work, be it a photo, a video, an animated GIF or a new song, in one horizontal page. Portfolio will be available on Myspace desktop, and viewable on the mobile web and mobile app for iPhones iOS 6 and above.

Oct 21

Myspace photos affect risky behavior among teens

There really is something about peer pressure.  If your friends all jump off a bridge would you?

This article seems to say that is true.



Jul 29

MySpace Users Threaten to Sue

MySpace tells users that the blogs are safe but you can’t get them right now.  I think that MySpace should make an agreement with DropBox or one of its competitors.  It may choose to allow users to gather all blogs, pictures and other data and make it a seamless transfer.  MySpace could get a commission on each user that pays for extra storage.  That alone may raise the money and the good will they need to move forward with the free music player part of their strategy.


Jun 30

MySpace APIs No Longer Working

HootSuite help desk reports that MySpace APIs are no longer working.

Will the Myspace free music player be available as an API to third party applications in the future?



Jun 21

Congrats Kanye

Congratulation to Kanye and Kim on their new child.

Maybe he’ll become a little more country …. Kanye Twitty


His MySpace bio.  Do you think he’ll be a good dad?

Jun 16

MySpace Deletes Your Last MySpace

As MySpace or Myspace has begun its reintroduction, it seems that they are removing old MySpace data as described here…

It looks like the MySpace team is rewarding those who have stayed with them through all of this.  Or is this a warning to come back or lose your blogs and photos?

What will happen to Facebook or Google+ when it is not profitable to hold your photos?



Jun 03

Trending Justin Timberlake

MySpace looks like it is Justin Timberlake’s space and you are more than welcome to help him trend.  Can just Justine bring back MySpace?  Will people go back to MySpace when Facebook over monetizes its users?

When you look at the page there is the last link to share back to MySpace.  Maybe that alone is making him trend.

May 18

Choose one?

Do you have to pick a  Go to and suddenly you have to make a choice… the Classic or the New MySpace.  Which do you chose?  Can you have both or neither?

What happens to someone who wants to live in the past and in the future?

Jan 20


Last MySpace?  Is there hope for the former leader of social media?  Will Justin Timberlake and the move to bands and video revive the brand?